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A Dog’s Life!

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dogHave you seen the bumper sticker that reads, “In my next life, I want to come back as my dog?” I love that – dogs are always happy and love you unconditionally.

Dogs have their priorities in order: love, eat, play, sleep! I have pets of my own, so when my clients come to me in need of a dedicated, well-designed space for their pets of all sizes, I completely understand. Whether your pet is a large or small dog, a cat, hamster or rabbit — they all have individual needs.

I believe that the ideal place for most pet supplies is in the mudroom or utility room near the back of the house. Putting pet food in large sealed containers that are on rollout shelving is ideal for storing large quantities of dry pet food. For multiple pets, you can get divided pullout containers with compartments for each pet. This provides easy access and keeps the food fresh.

Food bowls can be fitted into a low drawer and pulled out at feeding times. Since dogs typically eat their food quickly, this drawer can be closed when they are finished and not remain on the floor or in your way while working in this area at other times. If you have small pets like hamsters or rabbits that require a “habitat” (cage), this can be built into an open shelf area that is at a convenient height for the children to help out with feedings (and hopefully cleaning!) A nearby utility sink or separate water source can be very useful for this too.

Let’s be honest, cats can be great pets but their litter box can be problematic. I designed a special cabinet that was aesthetically pleasing with a carved opening that gave the cat access inside. Once inside, the cat had complete privacy and its litter box was unseen – everyone was happy! I also recommend a dedicated cabinet for all other pet items placed near the back door. This cabinet can hold pet medications, leashes, collars, balls and toys as well as those bags we dread carrying around.

Pets are a wonderful part of our daily lives and give us so much pleasure! Why not design a perfect place for their supplies? It will make caring for your pet easier while making you feel more organized!

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