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Kitchen Design – A New Composition

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kitchen design

I find it fascinating that with only 12 musical notes to work with, composers and musicians have been writing music for thousands of years and have never run out of original compositions. There are countless musical genres, each appealing to a different group of people. Whether you’re a musician or not, it’s an amazing thing to realize. Music has evolved so much that “contemporary music” can’t even be likened to the music from as recently as 100 years ago.

I see kitchen design much like creating music; we have the same basic materials to work with – wood, metal and stone. Technology has contributed with amazing plastics and resins as well. Much like composers, the real game changer is how we use these materials. As designers, our style is based on how we paint, stain, shape, polish, hone or bend it. In 30 years of designing kitchens and baths, I have seen a revolution in the use of these materials. So, like music, we use similar materials over and over, each time creating a new look or feeling. And like music, styles come and go and eventually become dated; it’s inevitable. 

The desire for simple and elegant design is growing every day, and it’s very exciting!

Over the last few years, Charlotte has taken a leap forward when it comes to modern design. We’re now home to a diverse group of people bringing more fresh design ideas and styles than ever before, and the transition away from heavy “Tuscan” or “French” country home design becomes natural because everything evolves. Currently, clients are looking for clean and simple lines that are created with high gloss lacquers, wood veneers and metallic finishes, among others. The desire for simple and elegant design is growing every day, and it’s very exciting! Using flat edge counter-tops that are mitered and have a “waterfall” edge to the floor can create other elements of classic modern design. Modify the counter thickness from the standard three centimeters to the two-centimeter material. Streamline your sink with square corners and single lever faucets. You can also use large individual tiles set in a simple pattern on a back-splash or floor, whiter LED lighting and simple and sleek hardware (or no hardware at all) to create an updated feel. Select cooler paint colors and use the same color and/or sheen on walls, moldings and trims.

Hit the refresh button, modern is here again!

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