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kitchen envyFor those of us who remodeled our kitchens 10 to 15 years ago, going on a kitchen tour can really give us kitchen envy! As I toured several kitchens on the Heart of the Home kitchen tour in September, I walked away feeling like my kitchen is “Oh, so 20 years ago.” Don’t get me wrong; I love my kitchen! It’s beautiful, my appliances are top of the line, I have great lighting and the layout is still functional after all these years. My cabinets have stood the test of time and look great. So… why am I still envious?

Styles change constantly – whether it’s paint colors, tiles or countertop materials, appliance designs, fabric textures and lighting fixtures – all are important elements of kitchen design. What was cutting edge a few years ago is now dated. The truth is, it’s not like getting rid of a few pair of pants and some outdated dresses for a wardrobe makeover. This is a big project and remodeling may not be an option. I am the consummate DIY homeowner because quite honestly, I like design changes but cannot always justify a complete overhaul.

Over the years, I have learned to install a sprinkler system, use a wet saw to cut and lay brick pavers for our 2,000-square-foot patio, replace light switches and simple plumbing parts and I’m not afraid of a paint brush either! I have learned that if I take my time, I can achieve some very satisfying changes without remodeling my entire kitchen. I also know what I cannot do myself and then I hire a professional.

Here are top ten kitchen makeovers that you can do without a lot of dust and fuss:

1. New cabinet hardware. Beautiful knobs and handles are easy to find and install.

2. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling makes a huge difference in little time.

3. If you have a chandelier, change the color and/or shape of the shades.

4. If you don’t have adequate task lighting, add under cabinet lighting and consider using a better bulb (halogen or LED).

5. Update the fabrics of the kitchen chairs or banquette.

6. Install a new faucet.

7. Change out the sink. This can be tricky, so consult with professionals about reworking your cabinetry and counter-tops to accommodate.

8. Refinish hardwood floors.

9. Update the appliances. Again, consult a professional to ensure a good fit.

10. Replace fabric window treatments with plantation shutters.

You will love the clean look it gives to the room and you’ll definitely love the outside light that can now come inside! With the holidays practically here, you still have time for some updates to your kitchen. Charlotte has some wonderful resources for great cabinet hardware, fabrics and upholstery, paint stores with knowledgeable staff and many excellent contractors and interior designers to help you along the way, make use and support local resources.

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