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PolarStone™ Countertops are here!

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Marble in the Kitchen is not a Problem with Polarstone™ Quartz Surfaces

south end kitchensAGM Imports just partnered with Harkey to supply, fabricate and install our first PolarStone™ waterfall island countertop in our studio. At Perfect Kitchen Design Studio we always are looking for the newest and best products to present to our clients. Not only design but the function is important when considering a new kitchen.

Polarstone™ quartz surfaces primary focus is skillfully combining timeless marble patterns with superior quartz technology. The product pairs durable quartz surfacing with perfect marble design. This results in a greater application for the use of marble without compromising aesthetics.

The unique Chencor Machinery produces natural, marble-design quartz surfacing. This proprietary, quartz mixing, and resin vibro compression technology to create greater density and wider color range quartz surfacing. The final product shows three-­dimensional marble veins changing in shape, color, and size throughout each slab while achieving the identical natural translucency of marble. Truly, marble design quartz is unparalleled in beauty and performance.

PolarStone™ Available in 2 Series

Marmi Series

Marble Design that Speaks for Itself
The Marmi quartz series flawlessly captures the enduring spirit of white Italian marble, with lifelike translucency and compelling three-dimensional marble veins. Incorporate Polarstone’s Marmi series quartz in your design to assure uncompromising marble aesthetics and surface performance.

Moda Series

Timeless Marble Colors
The Moda series captures the warmth of natural marble and inspires any design. Once avoided on many surfaces, these natural stone colors are now perfectly safe for any indoor application. Use our Moda series quartz to energize your space with confidence.

Take a closer look at the PolarStone™ countertop, visit the Senior Designer or the Associate Designer in our showroom to view this lovely new addition to our selection of countertops. Let them show you how to upgrade your kitchen with this new product.

south end kitchenssouth end kitchenssouth end kitchens

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