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The Kitchen is the New Family Room

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Having the opportunity to remodel or design a new kitchen is once-in-a-lifetime for many people. If you’re like me, you have a file that contains images of everything that you’ve ever seen that has caught your eye. For some projects, I have photos that are 10 years old—just waiting for that “someday” when my husband and I finally pull the trigger to start a long-anticipated renovation. My clients are the same way. Their “wish list” file contains paint and fabric swatches, the perfect refrigerator, the coolest paper towel holder, interesting lighting fixtures, custom hoods and beautifully designed kitchens that, until now, have only been a fantasy in a file. Beginning a project you have dreamed of for years is exciting, but there’s also pressure to make it perfect. You lie awake at night–ideas swirling like a tornado. How can we design the perfect kitchen for our lifestyle now, but also in the future? How much can we afford to spend? Who will be our contractor? Where will we get our cabinets and how will we know if they are good quality? What’s the best refrigerator, what does “dual fuel” mean, why are some estimates I’m getting twice as much as others? Is something missing…is someone taking advantage of me? These are all valid concerns.

Like every large purchase you make, you will need to do your homework. Our city has many highly-experienced design professionals and I encourage you to seek out the ones you feel comfortable working with. For kitchen cabinetry, you should visit a few cabinet design showrooms. Like a first date, you will know if there will be a second date before dessert arrives. You should feel welcome instantly. You should see things that “speak to you” such as beautifully designed displays that are properly lit and well accessorized. You should see things you didn’t even know existed but will make your life easier. You should learn something that you never even thought of.


A well-designed kitchen will serve your needs through many stages of your life.


 I live in an 80-year-old house that was originally built for a completely different lifestyle. There were lots of small rooms and too many doorways. Everything was divided up, nothing flowed and it was dark. For our family, we realized the kitchen needed to be a wide-open space where our family and friends could relax and enjoy. We needed a cooking space, a dry bar, a place for homework, art supplies, food storage, a small TV and phone chargers. By removing several unnecessary walls and doorways, we managed to incorporate several small spaces into one larger space that is accessible to our outdoor living space and other important areas of our home.

Kitchen design has evolved from a small working kitchen with the bare essentials to a space that incorporates all aspects of our daily lives. In 2014, the kitchen is the new family room. It’s a place where the entire family can gather every day, whether it’s just breakfast or dinner with friends. We can now cook, study, entertain, relax and enjoy this wonderful new “heart of the home.” A well-designed kitchen will serve your needs through many stages of your life. Trusting in an experienced design professional for each of your decisions will ensure that your kitchen will be one of the favorite places in your home!

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