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Enduring Craftsmanship

The history of human connection with natural stone is written deep in ancient quarries, originally excavated by the Romans and worked continuously over the millennia. Although the art of quarrying stone has changed dramatically since those early days, what has remained constant is the human artistry involved.

Walker Zanger has been engaged in this tradition for more than 60 years, offering our clients prized marble and stone from quarries throughout the world, each individually selected and evaluated by our experienced stone masters.

Here are some elegant examples of the fine tile options that we can coordinate for your bath. Come into Perfect Kitchen Design Studio and see even more styles, there is one that will surely suit your lifestyle.

Walker Zanger

From one pair of hands to the next, each product featured from Walker Zanger is carefully shepherded from a quarry in France, a ceramic studio in Morocco, or a mosaic workshop in Italy to its final destination — the residence or business that inspires you, shelters you, and expresses your deepest wishes for a space of beauty and refinement. Whether your project is a simple bathroom remodel, a dream vacation home, or a chic boutique hotel, we can deliver the finest material the world of stone and tile has to offer.

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